Strength Workshop

Professional Training for Strength and Wellness

Strength Training. Meal Planning. Recovery Techniques

Strength, Balance, Vitality! Your choice to nourish the body and enhance its performance is wisdom personified. 

Staying Strong for life

Staying strong comes from a lifestyle of health and wellness that continues throughout our lives. The Strength Workshop guides you to strengthen muscles, shop for healthy foods and attend to rest and recovery. This is a path to wellness that has proven value. This lifestyle allows you to continue being vital and live to your fullest

Closed-chain kenetic movements like the deadlift and rack-pull strengthen core muscles and important stabilizers of the ankles, knees, and hips.


Strength, Balance, Harmony

The body is designed for movement. The Strength Workshop helps you strengthen muscles in order to optimize proper alignment of the body. This assists you in developing a better range of motion and freedom of movement. When your body moves in a more harmonious way you are able to make corrections to everyday movements that diminish pain and encourage vitality and enhanced performance.

Learning to use the hip-hinge to bend low protects the low back and increases core stability.

Strength Nutrition Recovery

Professional Training

  • Emphasis on the proper biomechanics of muscle movement and function
  • Goal oriented perfomance nutrition for any dietary style
  • Andvanced recovery and repair techniques