The Strength Workshop offers a unique opportunity to workout in a completely private setting. This allows you to fully focus on your goals without the distractions and interruptions of a crowded gym or group environment. This allows for minute-to-minute adaptations in intensity, effort and abilities for each individual client. There is no pressure to compete, keep up or show off. The Strength Workshop is a one-on-one fitness training studio with each clients individuality in mind.

Meet the Trainer

Tom Shoffner, M.A.

Owner, Trainer

Along with my current professional certifications for Fitness Trainer and Biomechanics Specialist from National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, I hold a masters degree in philosophy and an undergraduate degree in history.  While studying various wisdom traditions around the world I found that knowledge of health and well-being are often hallmarks of honored teachers, wise-ones, and shamans. As a result of this discovery I sought to be an example of such wisdom personified. After years of chronic low back pain and metabolic issues known to precede adult onset diabetes, I decided to change my health for the better. As an old saying states, “physician, heal thyself.” To me this meant study and learn what it takes to regain health and well-being. I initially completed professional certification for Fitness Training with the International Sports Sciences Association. I followed with certifications in Muscle Mastery and Performance Nutrition with New York Strength. This knowledge, combined with my academic knowledge of philosophy and mental wellness, turned my personal health around. With this knowledge I started professional training in 2006. I began following the same types of personalized programs and diets that I prescribed for my clients. I have been very pleased with the results I continue to receive and for those that my clients have experienced. At this time I am very proud to offer my services with over twelve years of experience in making positive changes in peoples lives.

At 215lbs and 28% body fat, I was suffering low back pain due to degenerative disc. I had high triglycerides, high cholesterol and sluggish metabolism. I wasn’t feeling well. I wanted more energy, less pain and more freedom of movement and peace of mind.

After practicing what I was preaching to my clients I transformed my ill health into well-being. At 185lbs and 15% body fat my low back issue was now managed with minimal pain. My blood work showed low cholesterol, low triglycerides and my energy and optimism returned to youthful levels.

Workshop Mission

Strength and wellness for both body and mind.

The Strength Workshop seeks to empower each client with the knowledge of how the body adapts and improves in response to strength training. This knowledge allows clients to understand the relationship between exercise, nutrition and recovery. Knowing how the systems of the body are enhanced through the nutrition and recovery process adds value to the hard work we do in the gym. Additionally, while the primary focus of the Strength Workshop is on traditional strength training there is no mistaking the mental benefits that come along with it. Strength training increases resting metabolism and enhances the functioning of the endocrine system. Both of these conditions assist in optimizing how our body functions internally and enhances our feeling of well-being. Also, exercise research shows that strength training sharpens the mind as well as, if not better than, doing word puzzles and other mental exercises. When we combine strength training with proper nutrition and recovery techniques we improve both physical and mental performance.