Strength Workshop Services

Optimizing Personal Strength

Fitness that focuses on you

Services at the Strength Workshop include  the following:

  • Intake Assessment: Health history, goals and readiness
  • Body composition assessment (lean mass % v. body fat %) and body measurements
  • Postural, strength and exercise heart rate assessments
  • Nutrition assessment and performance nutrition guidance
  • Exercise prescription and guided workout
  • Recovery strategies and myofascial release techniques
  • Results analysis, optimization and renewed goal setting

The process starts with an understanding of where you are now. What health challenges you are dealing with, if any. How we can move you safely and effectively toward your goals. How able and ready you are to adopt the practices that foster health and well-being. Then, it is time to put the process to work and follow through with a lifestyle that will optimize how you feel and how you move. 

Strength Training

The Strength Workshop uses traditional and modern strength training tools; Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cable pulleys, Leg Press, Medicine balls, Sandbags, Suspension straps and Resistance tubing. Other tools include Rowing machine, Stepper, Air Bike, Glider and Climber. All training tools are utilized in a strategic way to allow for a variety of training stimulus to build strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

Performance Nutrition

The Strength Workshop guides you through shopping for nutritious whole foods and preparing meals that feed muscle not fat. Learning about nutrient density, food logging and goal driven macronutrient ratios can assist you in breaking away from poor dietary habits and lead you to building performance enhancing meals. Understanding proper supplementation and when to add such supplements can also assist you in enhancing performance and accelerating results.

Recovery techniques

Understanding the biomechanics of human movement is important in diagnosing and applying therapy to aches and pains that can hinder performance. The Strength Workshop teaches techniques of myofascial release and shows clients how to use the tools involved in these techniques. The Strength Workshop also offers knowledge on internal and external aides for healing and repair of overused or injured muscles and joints.

Building strength is a foundation for good posture, increased resting metabolism, shapely muscles and positive hormonal adaptations. All of these lead to a more complete sense of well-being.

Improved balance, range of motion and proper biomechanics lead to better performance for recreational activities as well as daily activities. We move more sure-footed and have increased kinesthetic awareness. This means we have a stronger command of our body's position in space and related movements.

Functional training movements that allow full range of motion improves flexibility. Studies have shown that strength training movements that put the muscle in a stretch position improves flexibility as well as, if not better than, static stretching routines.

Traditional Olympic lifts build foundational strength. These lifts build core strength better than isolated core movements because they are multi-joint movements that depend on synergistic firing of several muscle groups. This coordinated effort of the neuro-muscular system have far reaching benefits that should not be overlooked in a conditioning program.

Ready To Begin Improving Your Fitness?

Whether you are seeking enhanced performance for sports activities or looking to improve quality of daily life, professional training from the Strength Workshop can help. Available training appointments are limited and new clients are accepted as space becomes available. Your first visit is always a free consultation to meet the trainer, discuss your goals and see if Strength Workshop is right for you.