Whether one comes to the Strength Workshop to improve performance for recreational sports, or whether one wants to develop increased vigor and strength for daily life; the Strength Workshop has programs for the athlete, working professional, or the busy mom or grandmother. Some of our clients are all four at once =).

The strength I have gained working out at the Strength Workshop has enhanced my ability to hike and conquer Half Dome. Tom’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition really made a difference in how I was able to perform. I would recommend the services of the Strength Workshop to anyone with the desire to improve overall fitness or for preparation of an upcoming event
Vickie Westfall
The Strength Workshop provided me with a private, one-on one, training experience that allowed me to work on the goals that were important to me. Tom’s knowledge of health and nutrition were always up to date and his workout routines were flexible and designed to meet my needs.
Tim Fuller
Training at the strength Workshop helped me learn and implement proper exercise routines, nutritional programs, and great recovery techniques. When I had different injuries, Tom assisted with tips and tricks to speed up recovery and get back in the gym faster and stronger. Achieving strength has assisted me in many of my goals and has set me up for a great and strong future.
Robert Beccera
I trained at the Strength Workshop for 2 years making huge strides toward reaching my fitness goals. Tom has a very strong understanding of the science of fitness, but more importantly he understands how to apply it correctly, effectively and safely in every workout. In addition, he has an in-depth knowledge about proper nutrition in order to achieve goals and to continue a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Tom to anyone, no matter what his or her fitness level is.
Laura Lockwood
I trained with Tom at the Strength Workshop and found him to be very knowledgeable in the sciences of exercise and nutrition. Not only was Tom always aware of the current trends in the fitness industry; he could always be counted on to answer any questions or concerns with thoughtful analysis from the latest research. Additionally, any training routines were tailor made to my ability and interest. Training at the Strength Workshop was always more than just a workout, it was an education.
Shelly Brooks
Training at the Strength Workshop allowed me to develop a strong understanding of targeted exercise movements, proper nutrition and recovery techniques. Combining these principles has allowed me to truly become stronger and fit not just for the short term, but for years to come.
Sherri Zongker